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We connect High School Athletes with College Coaches and Scouts
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About the sports connection
We were founded in 2011, there are many types of services available for young athletes to get exposure.  What our team has found is that having a central location of your sports profile and sports highlights available for everyone to see will give you the best possible chance of being seen by prospective college coaches, recruiting scouts or even a professional athletic organization.  This site will give all a chance to see who you are and your athletic talents. Word of mouth marketing always works and has always been the best way to be seen by the largest or smallest colleges or even professional scouts.   All you have to do is just give them this site name and where to find you and your exposure begins.

The sports connection is family-owned and operated right here in Westerville, OH. Since our company opened its doors in 2011, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  

The sports connection sports professionals and experts provides the link between the student-athletes and prospective college coaches and or scouts to give the athletes the best possible chance of being seen and to receive athletic scholarship offers nationwide.

Our mission is to provide the most efficient manner of showcasing every athlete’s talents as well as academics for whom we represent nationwide. We also work directly with coaches and recruiters nationwide so their respective programs are built with a well-rounded group of student-athletes.

In many cases if your school doesn’t have a winning record the attraction for recruiters is very low. Our team is focused on offering services to those athletes who have not been recruited, may have been overlooked or want more options. We are fully aware that there are more athletes than recruiters and at times those recruiters aren't able to communicate with all the coaches, or the coaches don't have the time to market their "ATHLETES". That’s where we come in and provide the additional expertise to guide the athlete, athlete’s family and even the coach on the best possible avenue for each kid.

If you were to review, compile and send tapes to every college coach nationwide the cost would be thousands! With our method you receive an experts review and distribution to a national network of all college coaches and recruiters at the click of a button! The cost of our service is a win-win! You now have the ability to have your talents reviewed nationwide and increase your access to more athletic scholarships and grant options.

What makes us unique and different? We have a team of professional athletes, college athletes, and coaches who work for the benefit of the student-athlete by reviewing hours of film to compile a "highlight" reel.  You have the ability to create and update a player profile page with photos, bio, stats and a link to watch the highlight film(s) online. We update and present YOU (the student-athlete) and your bio with highlight film pages to the NCAA, JUCO and NAIA coaches via phone, fax and/or email. This means NO expensive tapes to ship nationwide.

Our highlight film editors are coaches and athletes specific to your sport! Your contracted consultant will work with the student-athlete and advise the family during the recruitment process. On average our team will spend over 30 hours on reviewing tapes to compile the highlight films needed to attract the best scholarship offers nationwide.

Please keep in mind our team of professionals are coaches and athletes experienced in your sport! Your film is broken down frame-by-frame by the best in your specific sport! 

Ernie King
Team Connect!
Shawn Jeter 
former MLB 
(Chicago White Sox)
Head of Baseball Training and Development
Rosario Beltran 
Admin and Research

Sandra King 
Admin and Research