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Sports Event Videography

the sports connection has a network of professional sports videographers dedicated to getting close-up shots of individual athletes or entire teams. Our team of professionals knows where to place the camera and follow the action to capture the excitement of the game. Let our team work for you to capture that highlight moment worthy of remembrance.

We Can Help With:

Editing, FX, Music & Graphics: We will take your raw footage, edit the scenes together, add effects such as highlighting for identification purposes, and add music and graphics to make it professional.

Game footage isolation shoot: A professional videographer using broadcast-quality equipment will shoot the entire game close-up focusing specifically on you on every play. We offer high-definition for a slightly higher fee.

Workout/Training shoot: A professional videographer will go on location to shoot your workout displaying specific skills or training methods.

Interview: The interview will be shot at a venue of your choosing and will consist of 5 prepared questions to allow recruiters to hear your accomplishments, goals, and interests. The interview will incorporate professional lighting and sound to make the best impression on recruiters.

• Profile Page: We will set up your profile page to tell everything you want to divulge to recruiters.

DVD's: DVD's will be labeled with the sports connection branded label containing your contact information and packaged in a plastic clamshell cover if ordered.

Custom DVD label artwork: Our professional graphics artists can create a custom label with your picture or elements you provide in a jewel case if ordered.

Tribute Videos

the sports connection creates custom tribute videos that are a snapshot in time of your sports career. We combine footage and still photos to create a keepsake that lets you relive the glory days. Little League baseball, Pee Wee football, AAU Basketball, all the way to high school and college teams we can capture the excitement you felt during your athletic career.

Highlight Videos

the sports connection allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters, and scouts through highlight videos incorporating professional methods and equipment. We have a network of professional sports videographers using broadcast-quality equipment to shoot the entire game focusing specifically on you on every play. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athletes vying for scholarships. We provide DVD’s and or a digital file or YouTube Video for Internet use that help you expose your skills to the broadest audience possible.

Our highlight film editors are coaches and athletes specific to your sport! Your contracted consultant will work with the student-athlete and advise the family during the recruitment process. On average our team will spend over 30 hours on reviewing tapes to compile the highlight films needed to attract the best scholarship offers nationwide.

Please keep in mind our team of professionals are coaches and athletes experienced in your sport! Your film is broken down frame-by-frame by the best in your specific sport! 

the sports connection videography services
Video Package Pricing

How much would a college scholarship be worth to you? A highlight video may be the essential tool you need to get an athletic scholarship.  Coaches, scouts and recruiters do not have the time or budget to visit with every potential recruit, therefore, you need to go to them—through a professionally produced highlight video. They want to see your athletic skill, hear your speaking skills, and review your work ethic in the gym or practice field. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athletes vying for scholarships. 

We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality.

Standard Turnaround time for a Highlight Video is 2-4 weeks after the final footage is received. If a quicker turnaround is needed, rush fees of 25-50% may apply, depending on when the highlight video is needed.

Packages Overview:

        Footage provided by client up to 20 plays w/shot sheet (DVD                 disc, Video CD, SD Card only).
        Includes slow motion, spot shadowing, and replay effects.
        Includes bio page with photo, key statistics, awards, stats,                  and contact info.
        Includes 5 DVD's.

        Includes Base Package.
        Professional videographer for one game.
        Additional 10 DVD's.
        Includes Base Package.
        Professional videographer for two games.
        Additional 15 DVD's.
        Includes Base Package.
        Professional videographer for three games.
        Workout/Training shoot and Interview.
        Additional 20 DVD's.

Tribute Packages 
the sports connection offers tribute videos for teams or individuals celebrating the entire season. It makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, or graduation keeping the memories alive forever. We'll use your still photos and home videos from throughout the season to capture the sights and sounds that make every year unique. You can also choose to have one of our professional videographers shoot a game using isolation shots of each player. Afterward, we'll interview the players and coaches to personalize the highlight reel.

        Photos (maximum of 100) on CD or SD Card provided by                 client
        Game footage (DVD, Video CD or SD Card) provided by 
                client with Shot Sheet
        Basic editing, graphics, and music
        Includes slow motion, spot shadowing, and replay effects
        Includes game statistics (if available) and scores
        Includes 10 DVD's with custom label

        Photos (maximum of 250) on CD provided by client
        Game footage (DVD, Video CD or SD Card) provided
                 by client with Shot Sheet
        Basic editing, graphics, and music
        Includes slow motion, spot shadowing, and replay effects
        Includes game statistics (if available) and scores
        Includes 30 DVD’s in album cases with custom label

Add-On Services:
You'll be able to add the following services to your video package once you've selected one.

Order 10 Additional DVD's